Never Settle

Never Settle

The vehicle in the parking lot is an answer to a pondering a few week’s ago, actually its license plate is, after wondering if it is okay to settle:


Translated: NEVER SETTLE.

The word, “Settle” woke me up and stirred my insides. It was in the midst of my North Carolina adventure, sometime in the middle of the night, it entered in and pursued me.


There are a few definitions for this one word, and I write about a couple in my journal shortly after the word is spoken, hoping it will direct me to an answer, as it often does when I trust the pencil to guide inward to deeper guidance:

  1. To come to rest.
  2. Take up residence and become established.
  3. Resolve or reach an agreement

But the one definition I can’t seem to dismiss, even though I don’t see it defined on the many vocabulary websites, is the kind of settle when you compromise–like settling for something less than best.

Likely it is because I have a moment last year about settling…I wake to this long sentence playing me awake, “Be careful you are not settling for leeks and garlic when He has milk and honey.”

The setting and characters are obvious: The wilderness and the Israelites. The Israelites wanted to return to the place God delivered them from–the hands of the Egyptians. Instead of trusting the unknown future to a Known God.

How often do I trust what I know, even if it is painful and likely will hurt me?

The answer is obvious as I type this, why hadn’t I noticed before?


But isn’t that like how we are, missing the obvious in front us?

So, where am I settling, or likely to settle?

Where are you?


  1. Merlin Struble on September 1, 2019 at 9:33 pm

    I don’t think you’ve settled for anything yet. The mere fact that you’re questioning things now shows that you haven’t settled for anything. The milk and honey is out there for you, Josie. Take time to slow down and be quiet and give yourself an opportunity to listen for the whisperIng words of the Holy Spirit. The answer will come. Oh yes…it will come.

    • josiebarone on September 2, 2019 at 11:12 am

      Thank you for your encouragement Merlin! I am excited for the adventure around the bend because it is obvious God is right along with me…I hope all is well with you…been a long time!
      Take Care

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