In the Middle of Alcohol-Free (Day 6)

In the Middle of Alcohol-Free (Day 6)

In the Middle

I heard the other day of what’s called the ‘1000-mile rule’—that if you are far enough away from home, that it doesn’t need to count. Maybe it’s a sister saying to, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

I have only made it five days, and it feels like a 1000-mile hike uphill. Exaggerated. But giving myself permission to cave ahead of time, will result in my failure. 

I may stumble along the way, but today I have one decision in front of me, and I choose this journey. I am excited to be this far in. I know some days will be easier than others. That is true with most days in life. 

I remind myself of the “why” list I made the last time I challenged myself to an alcohol-free journey. The list hasn’t changed in the slightest: 

1.  I feel like I am losing control.

2.  I think about it too often. 

3.  I have gained a lot of weight. 

4.  I am embarrassed by it. 

5.  It is hindering my life, and wasting my evenings. 

6.  I am sick of the internal battling over a stupid beverage. 

7.  I feel it is weighing me down spiritually. 

I will recall this list a 1000 times over a 1000 days, if necessary. 

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