In the Middle of Alcohol-Free (Day 16)

In the Middle of Alcohol-Free (Day 16)

In the Middle

Last night Oscar the border collie’s light snore caused irritability to rise up my spine. Reminded me of Bill’s snore–one, yes one, of the things I do not miss. It would start with a “poof” exhale, and build momentum until the speed and sound of a roaring freight train exited the back of his throat.

Which would eventually move me from bed to couch in order to find rest.

Next time, instead of listening to Oscar’s loud breathing pattern, until the sound overtakes all other sounds in my head, I will kindly escort him to the living room rug.

Earlier in the evening on the Netflix episode, the character had the wine glass in her hand. Slowly she swished the contents from side to side to see the “legs” on the outer rim, before she takes it to her mouth and slowly dips the contents so the sip goes gently down the throat.

Have you ever been caught up in a moment and it is as if you were momentarily there yourself?

I could feel it, taste it–as if I were actually partaking. It startled me. Not with the rise up the spine of irritation like my dog’s snore, but with a momentary pleasure rise up and overtake me with an urge so strong I desired it above all progress. 

Don’t watch any more.

Turn your head.

Change your thought. 

Leave the room.

Listen Josie, you’ve made it over two weeks. And nothing tastes as good as the momentum of success. 

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