In the Middle of Alcohol-Free (Day 26)

In the Middle of Alcohol-Free (Day 26)

In the Middle

Is it possible baseline jumping is responsible for more than stupidness, and is unintentionally the cause of dissatisfaction in the wonder of living our daily lives? Like the thrill factor forgets to factor in the fact that constant thrills cause all other thrills less enjoyment? 

I often tell my girls that their threshold for fun, the bar, is too high. Meaning they don’t find enough joy in the small stuff. 

I wonder if it’s because younger people (oh, how old I sound saying this!), who have not experienced a life without constant media stimulation, or the improvements on many things years ago that were formerly rudimentary and boring, like roller coasters, or just the many options afforded nowadays like cereal choices—that it is difficult to be satisfied in the mundane. 

Because the baseline is overstimulated. 

I wonder when I find satisfaction with the simple joys of living and being, if I won’t miss the stimulation that comes from alcohol. It may be too soon to tell. 

I do know that baseline jumping will never be in my future, and that the highest drop will come from going down an elevator. At a mall.

I’m perfectly okay with this. 

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