Do We Know THIS God? Part Four: Offerings

Do We Know THIS God? Part Four: Offerings


The following is from October, 2018, in which I have a supernatural moment of the scent variety. I hope it encourages you today.

Journal entry October, 2018:

A few mornings ago, I woke to a strong scent of peanut butter, as if someone placed it right under my nose. Immediately awakened, perplexed there was nothing to promote the smell anywhere in the vicinity, or the house for that matter. Still, I go about the morning, wondering of the strange peanut aroma. 

Days later I wonder if it may have to do with Bill’s fondness of peanut-laden Mr. Goodbar and Snickers, which would make their way out of the Halloween bowl, and into the freezer, for nightly snacks—or the two boxes of Goobers from the concession stand at the movies, which he would devour before the opening credits. The man loved peanut-chocolate combination. Anyway, nothing more to why the strong scent—if only a bittersweet reminder. 

Yesterday morning at church, at about the halfway point of Max’s sermon, I notice a JIF Peanut Butter jar sitting alongside his notes/Bible on the pulpit. My heart revs up as I sit on the edge of my seat in anticipation of a revelation of the moment from the other day.

Near the end of his sermon, he picks up the jar and tells a story of years ago when he was single, and the church he works has monthly Tuesday potlucks. One day a lady invites him, which he gladly accepts as he doesn’t eat that well at any other time. He realizes though, after accepting the invitation, that proper etiquette is to bring something–so he brings a half- used jar of peanut butter. (Apparently someone knows this story from back then gives him a jar of JIF as a nice reminder of that day.)

I know this is also for me to take hold of today, two things actually:  

1. My measly offering is enough. 

2. Give what you’ve got. 

So, when we feel less than, tired, defeated, discouraged, or the many other unspoken emotions we grapple with, we can take hold of these two encouragements:

Our measly offering is enough.


Give what we’ve got.

In awe and wonder…

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