Do We Know THIS God? Part Five: Callings

Do We Know THIS God? Part Five: Callings


Only God.

Only God would go out of His way to give me a specific answer, time and time again, after questioning my path in life. This happens to be the first of MANY throughout the years.

2013 – A Little Birdie Told Me

It was a small clip in a movie that captured my attention.  It would’ve meant little, had it not been for a phrase that fell into my mind the morning before–

A little birdie told me.

A little birdie told me what? My thoughts ramble about–the only clarity is I’m convinced the message is from above, likely since the days of prayer and fasting have my antenna on high alert. And the reason for such extreme measures as food deprivation is to KNOW what to do with my immediate future: remain a children’s minister, or delve into the depths of writing.

I’ve been managing both, and can continue to do such, but there is a strange stirring that makes me wonder if I’m not giving my all to either, and one needs to go.

Still, I can’t seem to comprehend what it is God desires to make me aware.   I search understanding on Google, and discover its origin derives from a verse in the Bible.  Seriously.

…A bird of the air may carry your voice,

and a bird in flight may tell the matter. 

After an hour or so, I eventually give up discovering a deeper meaning. 

Anxiety surrounds me as of late–tension under the surface like when a rubber band stretches too far, about to break from the pressure. So nervous I am to make the right decision.  Deep down I know the answer, but the “what if I make the wrong decision” crumbles my confidence.

Exhausted, I turn on the TV to lull me to sleep.

The movie on the screen is an oldie, You’ve Got Mail, featuring Tom Hanks, as Joe, with ever-so-cute Meg Ryan, as Kathleen.  You know, I am a sucker for the four-letter word, ‘love’.

The familiarity of it makes my eyes weary and close when a Birdie makes a startling statement through the airwaves.  The answer to my question is in a movie from the 90’s?  You have got to be kidding me.

Her name is Birdie.

She plays a supporting role in the film and would’ve flown under the radar had her name been another.  An interesting character she is.  Her whit is obvious, but her gentle guidance almost goes unnoticed unless you pay close attention.   It’s as if there is an underlying story running just below the surface of the main movie.

Statements offered from Birdie to Kathleen, who struggled with her directional path, are placed strategically throughout. 

Kathleen is yet to recognize the outcome she searches for, but Birdie seems to know the answer all along. Yet instead of revealing the obvious to her, Birdie leaves breadcrumbs of clues throughout the character’s journey to find herself.

One nibble at a time.

She arrives at the end of the two-hour journey, ready to soar into the unknown as a writer.  A life she seems destined for all along, but is unaware until the near-ending credits.

This same little Birdie confirms yet again my answer, when she stops outside a bookstore in one scene, and peers inside the window display.  It sits just beyond the clear glass–

A Book.  

I am to write a book.

All along, His message has been the same continuous feed, “Write the book, Josie”.  Breadcrumbs are strategically placed on my path toward awareness.  I’m not entirely clueless, just cautious.  Scared to soar into the unknown.  But this last confirmation excites me enough to exit the nest.  I am ready to fly into the future as an author.

I am called to write the words He brings to life.

A little birdie told me something about you…

He told me to tell you that He loves you.  Yes, you.  That is the overall theme of the movie of your life.  A story of love.  Really.  He wants to capture your attention so you hear Him whisper softly in your heart.  He wants to consume you with this love.  He is the love of your life.  Can you hear Him woo you in the depth of your being?

He draws me near through printed words on pages that form a book.

Tell me, how is He wooing you closer to Himself?

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