Hi, my name is Josie.

My given name: Josette. I was named after a soap opera from the late 1960’s, Dark Shadows. Apparently my character stood on the edge of a cliff after a tragic event, and ended her life by leaping off the ledge to her untimely death. Varying details say she either jumped willingly, or was under some type of curse. What a lovely way to begin life, with such a name as this, right?

I’ve sat in this space on and off for days, attempting to create an identity page that encompasses all of me, outside the obvious basics of name and job title.

Instead, let me assure you there will be a time and place in many writings to see my personality shine through the stories.

Until then, let me say a few things and then we’ll be off into adventures together—

I am:






I am wildly in love with an unseen God who woos me into the thin places here on earth.

My heart aches for those teetering on the ledge of life, or on the edge—not fully embracing the freedom of life—hearts that are lost, weary, lonely, hurt, or just idling along through each day, with little desire to live the next.

You are the reason I am here—to invest in with words of hope.