NEW: A Rock in Pete's Shoe

One day, it happened right out of the blue, a rock found its way into Pete’s shoe.

Birds and Breadcrumbs

Birds and Breadcrumbs is a familiar story of life, love, and loss shared from the private pages of a heartbreaking journey, experienced by many, but often unseen beyond the surface. Raw and minimally altered, the reader will peek into the heart and soul of a life grappling to exist through journal entries and encounters along the way.

It’s not all about grief, though it traverses through the five stages.

Birds and Breadcrumbs is a story within a story in which the reader will see that a life lost isn’t gone. The reader will witness subtle encounters with a Presence from the other side of probability to a realm that is often hidden in plain sight, slowly encouraging life to the one left on this side of eternity.

The reader will witness how far God will go to heal one broken heart.

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"Josie has a gift of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary daily moments most of us pass right by. While the framework for this story is her journey through the first year of grieving the loss of her husband, the underlying theme, the message that keeps coming back to me weeks after reading, is love. Honest, raw, and brave, Josie gives the reader a glimpse of her shattered heart and shares how during her darkest moments, God showed up, not to take her out of her sorrow but to be with her in it."
Trisha Stanton
Life coach

"Josie gently leads her readers through the sacred halls of her deepest anguish. Yet even through her sorrow, she holds up a glittering beacon of hope in the darkness, which will warm you to the core and restore your faith in our good God."
Melinda Mattson