Be Careful

By Josette Barone / March 8, 2023 /

It’s May 11, 2018, when a warning enters my mind from someone outside myself. “Be careful you are not settling for leeks and garlic when He has milk and honey.” I’m no foreigner to the bible, so I see myself deposited into a scene alongside the wandering Israelites from several thousand years ago. The ones…

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By Josette Barone / January 28, 2021 /

The following is the introduction to a book I’m revising, hopefully for the final time, before a good professional edit. I’m looking for a handful of readers for Part One (of four) titled, Breathing, which encompasses three months of a year long journey. If after reading the introduction, you have an interest in reading more,…

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By Josette Barone / January 4, 2021 /

I sit at the cemetary on a cold day, waiting to live out the word chosen for this next year:  OPEN. I wait, unsure if I can follow through. Caught between stuck and fear. Yet, I know it is time. I remember the times I ran my hands through his hair. On car rides, I’d…

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An Unusual Dream with Significant Meaning

By Josette Barone / October 22, 2020 /

I woke in the midst of a scene–a garbled mix of people crowded together, their faces unfamiliar, blurred out in the chaos. The setting felt like a pic of old New York around the 1920’s. Words come into front-view of the scene, almost like an old-fashioned Wall Street ticker tape, stopping on two in old…

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The Lesser of Two Evils: A Political Post for my Christian Friends, and Curious Agnostics

By Josette Barone / October 15, 2020 /

Right foot, left foot Whether you to the right or to the left… Listen for a voice. Walk in it. They didn’t know their right from the left. No, I’m not talking Dr. Seuss. Nineveh. Hardly nirvana, they were the epitome of evil. Yet Jonah ran from the call to warn them of their upcoming…

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Cupcakes and Coronavirus

By Josette Barone / March 14, 2020 /

I lay in bed in the middle of the night, sweaty. Higher temperatures and rising humidity; my cool air is not as cool. Apparently neither is my contentment. I feel calm slipping away with my income. Not a slow trickle, but gaping hole in my account. If it continues at this pace, the reservoir will…

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Stories to Guide Our Way

By Josette Barone / February 18, 2020 /

For a few weeks I’ve pondered the direction of this blog moving forward. Since 2015, at the onset of Bill’s illness, it has primarily centered around coping and maneuvering around life, when life is in chaos–and the aftershocks of earth-shattering grief, when life changes after death. Lately, I’ve thought of my calling in life. The…

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The End of the Q-tip Era is Upon Me

By Josette Barone / January 25, 2020 /

I see the Q-tip, actually I feel her presence, before I notice her physically in front of me on the foreign ground. A park–actually the space between the park, and the parking lot. I meant to hike my familiar one, but for whatever reason, it was closed off to the trails outside the main thoroughfare,…

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A New Narrative Takes Time and Reflection

By Josette Barone / January 23, 2020 /

Two things tucked away made their way to me recently, and are catalysts to this new narrative I speak of in the title. One I discovered in the back of my grandmother’s bible–a letter from one of my girls. How it made its way there, I do not know. I brought this bible home last…

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You’re Still the One

By Josette Barone / January 9, 2020 /

A song from long ago enters my earbuds at the onset of a run I’m hoping will help subdue the emotional heartache within:  You’re Still the One, by Shania Twain. You’re still the one I run to–even though you feel like an apparition just out of reach. I remember when we unofficially made this “our…

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