Stories to Guide Our Way

For a few weeks I’ve pondered the direction of this blog moving forward. Since 2015, at the onset of Bill’s illness, it has primarily centered around coping and maneuvering around life, when life is in chaos–and the aftershocks of earth-shattering grief, when life changes after death. Lately, I’ve thought of my calling in life. The…

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White Balloons and Rising Up

What happens when crazy faith transitions into fading faith? The answer to this question I wasn’t even asking, are in the moments below. I hope it encourages us to take steps, leaps, jumps toward a faith without safety nets and training wheels and other safety devices that keep one from feeling the adrenaline of a…

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When OMG is the Proper Response (Part 2 of 2)

Morning of May 10th, 2018: One year ago today, I began the journey at the kitchen table.  So desperate to breathe. So hurt I thought I couldn’t go on another moment, let alone a day, or a month, or a year.  I think of the rustling leaves I picked up at the lack of my…

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