White Balloons and Rising Up

By Josette Barone / January 7, 2020 /

What happens when crazy faith transitions into fading faith? The answer to this question I wasn’t even asking, are in the moments below. I hope it encourages us to take steps, leaps, jumps toward a faith without safety nets and training wheels and other safety devices that keep one from feeling the adrenaline of a…

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Yes, I’m a Resolution Kind of Girl

By Josette Barone / December 31, 2019 /

The other day I heard a podcast featuring Dave Hollis, from a series by Jen Hatmaker, which focused on finishing strong. He offered a few questions relevant to the ends of years, and decades. Ones that I plan to sit down and ponder at some point after 2020 officially begins: What did I fill my…

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New Life Motto

By Josette Barone / December 20, 2019 /

This is the only life I get to live. I don’t want to arrive at the end and wish I’d lived differently. Or worse, regret that I didn’t live at all.  

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Warm and Fuzzies

By Josette Barone / December 17, 2019 /

You feel a bit absent lately–like I can’t feel your nearness Lord. I know you’re with me. I know I don’t need warm fuzzies all the time. I just love you, and well, love is also a feeling–like a thick, soft blanket at the end of the bed–pulled up to the neck when it’s chilly…

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While We Can’t Go Back Home…

By Josette Barone / November 6, 2019 /

I had to go back home recently, to the old home a few miles and heartache away. I hadn’t traveled there since late May, when after closing I’d drive through the neighborhood aimlessly–lost as a puppy who is taken from her litter prematurely. It didn’t take long to realize this created more harm than good…

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Light in Dark Spaces

By Josette Barone / November 3, 2019 /

I knew the exact placement of the tree in my new home, well before the Halloween candy had a chance to go clearance in the grocery store aisle. Actually its placement chose itself well before–prior to the picking of cabinets, or flooring, or even the lot on which the home would land. It will sit…

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Do We Know THIS God? Part Five: Callings

By Josette Barone / October 20, 2019 /

Only God. Only God would go out of His way to give me a specific answer, time and time again, after questioning my path in life. This happens to be the first of MANY throughout the years. 2013 – A Little Birdie Told Me It was a small clip in a movie that captured my…

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Emotional Amnesia

By Josette Barone / October 18, 2019 /

Christmas music plays into my ears as I type this. Yes, I know it is too soon. But the temperatures have dipped below 90 degrees for days and I can’t help myself. Besides the season is nearly upon us. Okay, maybe nearly is a bit premature. Music has a way of stirring strong emotion. Maybe…

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Relating to Another Character

By Josette Barone / October 12, 2019 /

I’m rereading a book I read only a couple months ago. It was given to me by a friend after she felt “led” to do so–resisting at first the nudge, but reluctantly gave in. I devoured it in a day–looking for the reason behind such nudges, and found some nuggets that surely have assisted in…

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One Year List

By Josette Barone / October 5, 2019 /

It is so common to hear the question, “If you had only one year to live, how would you live, or what would you do?” Or something of that sort. I wonder though, maybe because hindsight is the greatest teacher, when told of Bill’s diagnosis, the flippant 6-12 months, likely six, how difficult it is…

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